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    Smashdown, Waterbom Bali
    Smashdown, Waterbom Bali
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    [[de:Waterbom Park]]

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    4.7 stars
    7 reviews

    Waterbom Bali

    Publish Rate | 455.000 Rp.

    Our Rate | 290.000 Rp.


    You're saving


    with us!

    Described as an oasis in the middle of the famous Kuta stretch, Waterbom Bali sets itself in lush tropical garden with many great rides and attractions. Exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for the young and the young at heart! There are 101 ways to fill 24 hours each day with thrilling activities on land and in water.

    Set your own pace for a day of fun in the sun or relaxation in the shade; perfect for the whole family or for that special getaway. With a choice of dining outlets and a swim-up bar for tropical drinks, Waterbom Bali is the one-stop leisure capital of Bali.

    World-class slides and rides are built and maintained to strict international safety standards. Waterbom Bali uses the advanced salt chlorination water sanitizing technique which is soft on the environment and on your skin too. Waterbom Bali is also an EarthCheck Silver Benchmarked company for the ongoing commitment to having environmentally sustainable operation.


    • Publish Rate: 455.000 Rp.
    • Our student rate: 290.000 Rp.
    • Savings: 37%
    • Important: Student rate only guaranteed when booked through study-in-bali.com. You need to bring your Bali Student ID


    Waterbom Park Bali

    Tropical Garden

    Come soak up the sun and fun at this sprawling 3.8 hectare adventure water park surrounding with Tropical Garden that's right in the heart of Kuta.

    Euro Bungy

    Get catapulted 9 meters into the sky and dare a few flips to pump up your adrenaline. Equipped with international safety standard equipments and well trained staff to watch over you to give you a complete peace of mind and 100% fun!

    Paying attraction and the maximum weight is 80kg.

    Water Blaster

    Aim and fire the water balloons using catapults to fire at your challenger, hit the bull's - eye and get them wet!

    Paying attraction.

    Pleasure Pool

    Need to catch your breath, or catch forty winks? The pleasure pool and its nearby thatched gazebos are the perfect chill - out haven. Or if you like to make friends, join in a game of water volleyball. Then share a drink and tell your high adventure tales at the Sunken Pool Bar just a stretch away.

    Fish Spa

    Submerge your feet into a pool of finned therapists for an exotic exfoliation by a team of tiny mouths. All you do is sit back, relax and enjoy the tingling sensation as the tiny Garra Rufa fish feed on the dead skin cells found on the surface of your skin, leaving your skin smooth and healthy.

    Sunken Pool Bar

    Refuel at the sunken tropical Pool Bar before you quench your thirst for a second round of adrenaline - charged adventures! Cocktails, iced Granitas, cold Beers and just about any drink you fancy – blended, shaken or stirred to keep your spirit high for the next gravity - adefying ride!


    For our guest convenience and safety we provide you with a huge locker room to safeguard your valuables. To further enhance the ease of use, some of our lockers are now equipped with a keyless locking and opening mechanism by just scanning your splash band onto your respective locker. Lockers are also now available at the Kiddy area.

    Gazebo / Cabanas

    To further enhance your experience at the park, we provide stylish thatched roof Gazebos (Cabana) which are for rent on daily basis. Gazebos are a perfect asylum for you to relax and unwind with more privacy. If you rent a gazebo you can even have your meals delivered straight to your gazebo. Moreover Waterbom Bali provides three different types of stylish Gazebos, each with their respective prices: Regular Gazebo, Family Gazebo, and Private Family Gazebo.

    Food & Beverages Outlets

    When it's time to replenish yourself, Waterbom Bali has plenty to offer. The Wantilan Food Trail serves a variety of foods from Balinese favorites, Italian staples, French pastries, Indonesian delights and even gourmet Hot Dog or Burgers. Ice cream, snacks and drinks counters are also readily available throughout the park.

    Retails Shop

    Forget to take your swim suit or sun lotion along with you? Don't worry because we have just about everything you need in our retail stores. We stock a huge collection of swim wears, swim toiletries and accessories. There are also irresistible Waterbom Bali souvenirs to bring home.


    Relieve your foot, legs and muscle pain and enjoy a better overall health and increased energy with a reflexology session. Combined with the neck and shoulder massage and cozy settings, it will surely give you the complete rejuvenation from a hectic day.

    The Shack

    Waterbom’s Bali latest play toy ‘The Shack’, is another escape within an escape. This rustic wooden structure is what stereotypes the image of being in a tropical environment, away from an urban setting, the opposite of being in a concrete office space. This new installment will add to the overall experience at Waterbom Bali. Need a break from all the slides, the shack offers the alternative, a full serviced bar serving the freshest ‘Mojito’s’, the mint is literally picked from Waterbom’s own garden. Drinks or no drinks, the shack also offers a place to ‘chill out’, sit in a hammock, play a game of backgammon, chess or any other strategy games and define the word ‘RELAX’, another relaxing option is to have a reflexology treatment, all whilst having great music to satisfy the soul.

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    Boomerang, Waterbom Bali

    Superbowl, Waterbom Bali

    Jungle Ride, Waterbom Bali

    Macaroni, Waterbom Bali

    Smashdown, Waterbom Bali


    Booking form not working? Please click here or try a different browser. For last minute bookings (evening before departure) please send a WhatsApp message to Whatsapp.png +62 855 746 700 78 or give us a call.