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    {{DISPLAYTITLE:Asia Exchange Bali Business Foundation}}
    {{Infobox Study-Program
    {{Infobox Study-Program
    |Logo = [[File:asia_exchange_warmadewa_onBg.png]]
    |Logo = [[File:asia_exchange_warmadewa_onBg.png]]

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    Asia Exchange BBF
    Asia exchange warmadewa onBg.png
    Founded: 2019
    University: Warmadewa
    Website: Asia Exchange BBF
    Founder: Tuomas Kauppinen, Harri Suominen
    Bachelor/Master: Bachelor
    Course of Studies: Economy, Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership
    Semester Start: April, September
    ECTS: 30
    Study Fees: 1.650,00 €

    The Bali Business Foundation (BBF) at Warmadewa University is aimed towards students who wish to refine their knowledge about founding a business, international entrepreneurship and leadership. The interdisciplinary program is well suited for students from many different backgrounds, who get the chance to expand their major studies with diverse and interesting subjects.

    The students will also have the possibility to interact with local students, who have the chance of participating in the same courses as well.

    The program is being organized for the first time in summer 2019, following in the footsteps of the popular BIPAS and WIP program at Udayana/Warmadewa University.


    • Thinking and Acting like an Entrepreneur BBF33B01
    • Business Foundations in a Changing World BBF33B02
    • Entrepreneurship for Global challenges BBF33B03
    • Innovational and Inspirational Leadership BBF33B04
    • Intercultural Competence in Project Management BBF33B05
    • Achieving Personal and Professional Success BBF41B06



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