The Residence

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    The Residence


    Infobox-wifi.pngThis accommodation has wifiInfobox-swimming pool.pngThis accommodation has a poolInfobox-broom.pngThis accommodaiton has a cleaning service
    SS 19
    WS 19

    accommodation | 5.000.000 Rp.dep1 Price for accommodation per month

    room | 5.000.000 Rp. Price for room per month

    per month


    2222 This accommodation has 22 rooms rooms


    40 min Driving distance to university

    These new built Suites are located in Kerobokan, where it's easy to get to Seminyak and Canggu within a short ride. Restaurants and Supermarkets are around.

    The facility has a big pool in the center, all rooms have pool view from the balcony. They are equipped with TV, Wardrobes, Water Dispenser. A kitchen shared and dining area with all guests is equipped for cooking together!

    Rooms are available:

    • Standard: 5.000.000 Rp./month (16 rooms)
    • Suite: 6.000.000 Rp./month (6 rooms)


    • Bedrooms with AC and en-suite bathroom
    • Hot and fresh water shower
    • Electricity not included
    • Cleaning 2 times/week
    • WIFI
    • Hair dryer
    • TV
    • Working table
    • Sitting area in front of room
    • Shared pool with dining area
    • Shared kitchen
    • Security service
    • Parking space

    Booking Conditions:

    • Small fee is included for visitor sharing room
    • 1 month booking is minimum


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    Why book here?


    Founded by a former exchange student, we are the first website that offers accommodation in Bali for students only. We know the best locations.


    Centrally located office in Seminyak with support team. We provide many pictures, a full video tour of all our accommodations and collect reviews.


    We provide a detailed rental contract that states all your rights and inclusions so you won't have any surprises. Most agencies in Bali don't do that.


    Despite the 100% upfront payment tradition in Bali we managed to agree to 2-3 split payments for the rent. You can pay by bank transfer, cash or credit card.