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    This page defines the rules for booking an accommodation with Study-in-Bali.com For T&C's of activity bookings please have a look here: Terms and Conditions Activity Booking

    Booking Terms

    • Most villas can only be rented as a whole unit, not on room-by-room basis, except if it is mentioned in the description. Please check in advance
    • Maximum one tenant per room. If you would like to share rooms please ask for the monthly surcharge
    • If a tenant wants to move out earlier, then the tenants are responsible to find a replacement (new tenant). We may also help you to find the new tenant if we have enquiries.
    • You have to accept the rules of the owner/management of your accommodation
    • You have to compensate any damage caused by you in the accommodation. In case of doubt please contact us.
    • A refundable security deposit of up to half month rent is required. The security deposit will be refunded after check-out

    Booking Procedure

    If you book while abroad
    In order to book an accommodation for your stay in Bali, there are only 3 steps required:

    • 1. Fill in the reservation form (booking button on the accommodation page)
    • 2. Sign the lease agreement
    • 3. Pay the down payment of 2 months rent. You may choose to pay the whole amount upfront

    You are required to transfer the down payment to our Indonesian bank account. We assist you if you have any questions about international bank transfer. Pay attention to the currency you transfer. Most owners charge the rent in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah), but some charge the rent in USD or EUR. You will receive further details by email. After we receive the down payment you will an invoice.

    Booking on the spot (in Bali)
    In order to book an accommodation for your stay in Bali, there are only 3 steps required:

    • 1. Fill in the reservation form (booking button on the accommodation page)
    • 2. Sign the lease agreement
    • 3. Pay the down payment (2 months rent) before check-in

    In order to book an accommodation for your stay in Bali, a down payment of 2 months rent is required. The security deposit is due on arrival. Without a down payment, booking cannot be confirmed. The second payment will be 30 days after check in (one month rent).

    Payment Options

    Bank Transfer in IDR

    If you never transfer/wire money with different currency exchange/country, please read this thoroughly. There are 2 ways of transfer:

    • Using your bank transfer service, the total cost is around 25,00 $ - 110,00 $ (sometime more). Please remember, there are 3 banks involve if you choose this conventional bank transfer method:
    - our bank (CIMB Niaga Indonesia) charges 5,00 $ for the each transfer or receiving fee
    - your bank transfer fee (please ask your bank)
    - intermedia bank charges between 25,00 $ - 75,00 $, you may read this link to get more info about this institution: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/correspondent-bank.asp
    • Using 3rd party like Transferwise and the fee is vary but it is significantly cheaper compared to the conventional bank transfer.
    - For more info, you may this article

    Please note: Beside the transfer fee, you also need to remember because of 2 different currencies, the bank will automatically converted the money you transfer to us. The conversion may result you loose a bit of the money or receive some due to the fluctuation conversion between 2 different currency exchange.

    Bank Details:

    Recipient: Amalia Achsanti
    Address: Jalan Raya Pemogan Gang Nusa Indah Blok A No. 11, Banjar Dukuh Tangkas
    Zip Code: 80221
    City: Denpasar Selatan
    State: Bali
    Country: Indonesia

    Account No. / IBAN / Kto-Nr.: 70 146 83 68 200

    BIC/Swift Code: BNIAIDJA

    Bank: CIMB Niaga
    Address: Jalan By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai No. 88, Kuta Graha Gedung Lippo - Simpang Siur
    Zip Code: 80361
    District: Kuta. City: Badung
    State: Bali
    Country: Indonesia

    Head Office (in case it's needed): Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 58, Jakarta Pusat 12190

    We highly recommend to use service of Transferwise because it offers the cheapest transfer fee compared to use the conventional bank transfer service from your bank. Be sure to compare with your bank before making the transfer.



    Since some banks have problems with bank transfer to Indonesia, we can make exceptions and accept payments in Euro to our EURO Bank account in Germany. Therefore we need to check the daily exchange rate of our bank and calculate the fee for forwarding the money to Indonesia (about 35,00 €) as well as the exchange rate fluctuations into the total transfer amount.

    Payment with PayPal


    We accept PayPal payments. For this payment method we need to charge 4,9% payment fee but please bear in mind that PayPal sets their own bookkeeping rate and usually is low. Just let us know your PayPal email address and we will send you an invoice that can be paid with just one click of a button.

    Payment with Credit Card

    Visa master card1.jpg

    We accept credit card payments only once you are in Bali. For this payment method we need to charge 2.1% bank fee.