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    Bali is surfer's paradise no. 1 in the world. This is, among other things, because of the pleasant water temperatures and the fact that there are good waves all year. For beginners, Double Six Beach is a good spot to practice surfing. Maybe there will be some talents among you who will be surfing in Padang-Padang or Uluwatu towards the end of the semester. To learn surfing, we can highly recommend Bali Green Surf! Not only because the guys are all super nice and absolutely good surfers, but also because they donate a part of their income to orphanages. They also indirectly support social projects.

    About Bali Green Surf

    Bali Green Surf
    We are Bali Green Surf. Ketut, Komang, Oka & Sonny, 4 passionate Balinese surfing teachers with three goals: to awaken your passion for surfing, to help those who need the most help: the children in Bali and finally to keep Bali clean.

    Our surf school "Bali Green Surf" is located in Seminyak, just a short walk from the famous Double Six beach. We offer beginner and advanced lessons, children lessons as well as surf trips. According to your surf level we will take you to different spots and make sure you'll have the best guiding in Bali.

    On days when the waves are not so good, you can also book a day trip with us. We can take you to places far away from all the tourism and show you the real and traditional Bali.

    Besides surfing, we’re trying to provide a better life and job opportunities for orphaned and disabled kids. We donate half of the entire income to provide food, cloths, toys and school equipment to orphanages and schools in Bali. We also organise several events like Black Markets or Surf contests for the kids to create awareness and also to collect donations. Every minute off we spend time with the kids surfing, teaching them English, playing with them but also educate them to keep Bali clean and green.

    Simply contact us for more information.


    Surf hours

    1 teacher for 2 students, 2,5 hours

    Price of the surf school Our price
    1 day 45,00 $ per person 400.000 Rp. per person
    3 days 115,00 $ per person 1.100.000 Rp. per person
    6 days 210,00 $ per person 2.150.000 Rp. per person

    Surf hours for Udayana University students

    Beginners: 1 surf teacher for 2 students, 2,5 hours

    Price of the surf school Our price
    1 day 45,00 $ per person 300.000 Rp. per person
    3 days 115,00 $ per person 800.000 Rp. per person
    6 days 210,00 $ per person 1.550.000 Rp. per person

    Payment options

    Cash payment


    Social projects

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    Why book here?


    Best price without bargaining. Despite high discounts you don’t need to compromise on service.


    Support by email, chat, WhatsApp and phone. Very customer friendly refunding policy in case of cancellation.


    More than 5 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers that left hundreds of verified reviews.


    Handpicked providers with long-standing partnership makes sure that everything runs smoothly.