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    Rooftop-Homestay-Denpasar-Bali-16.jpg Neu.pngFile:Rooftop-Homestay-Denpasar-Bali-16.jpg


    Rooftop Homestay


    Infobox-wifi.pngThis accommodation has wifiInfobox-broom.pngThis accommodaiton has a cleaning service
    SS 19
    WS 19

    accommodation | 31.600.000 Rp.dep1 Price for accommodation per month

    room | 4.000.000 Rp. Price for room per month

    per month


    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 88 This accommodation has 8 rooms rooms


    30 min Driving distance to university

    This accommodation can be rented on a room by room basis. It is not required to book all rooms.

    This Homestay has only recently been opened! It has a stunning view from its rooftop Gazebo, which is surrounded by a little water stream inhabited by fish, reminding one of traditional Chinese Gardens...

    The location is especially favourable for students spending much time at Udayana University Denpasar Campus or Warmadewa University, but also to Udayana Jimbaran Campus it is only a half an hour ride by bike (in high traffic times more). The area is not touristic, one feels more integrated into real local life. That brings along certain specificities: you'd better like local food, and you'd better have a good sleep at night, since the prayers start early and are transmitted via megaphones all around the district.

    The accommodation is rather made for short term stayers, but if one is ok with eating in the restaurants nearby instead of cooking by himself (no kitchen, no laundry included), it is a possibility for longterm stayers as well.


    Room Types:

    • Standard Room:

    Amount: 2

    3.900.000 IDR / month

    Daily rate: please inquire

    • Double Room:

    Amount: 4

    Monthly rate: 3.950.000 IDR / month

    Daily rate: please inquire

    • Deluxe Room with Mini-Bar:

    Amount: 2

    4.000.000 IDR / month

    Daily rate: please inquire

    Basics of all room types:

    • Air Conditioner
    • Standard: 2 single beds, Double & Deluxe: Queen-bed
    • Wardrobe
    • Private Bathroom with hot shower and toilet
    • Flat Screen TV
    • Small kitchen-like space with closets, mirror and sink
    • Cleaning service (once a week)
    • Once on arrival: toilet paper and tissues
    • Free bed sheets and linen (changed once a week)
    • Table for laptop working space

    Included amenities:

    • Electricity, water
    • Parking space
    • WiFi
    • CCTV

    Additional fees:

    • Visitor fee - please inquire
    • Sharing fee - please inquire


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    Why book here?


    Founded by a former exchange student, we are the first website that offers accommodation in Bali for students only. We know the best locations.


    Centrally located office in Seminyak with support team. We provide many pictures, a full video tour of all our accommodations and collect reviews.


    We provide a detailed rental contract that states all your rights and inclusions so you won't have any surprises. Most agencies in Bali don't do that.


    Despite the 100% upfront payment tradition in Bali we managed to agree to 2-3 split payments for the rent. You can pay by bank transfer, cash or credit card.