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    Reviews are very important for our business. We use them to improve our service and the service of our partners (activity providers, house owners and managers). Furthermore we want to give something back for your efforts. For each review we donate 1 EUR to animals in need in Bali. Please feel free to like and share this information ;-)

    Four good reasons to review regularly:

    • Win prices or cash several times a year, even months or years later
    • Help others to find the best accommodation or activity without any surprises by providing feedback and useful tipps
    • Help us to improve our service (We forward suggestions and complaints to activity providers and accommodation owners)
    • We donate 1 EUR for each review to an organisation in the field of environment, humans or animals (read more).


    Date Name Prize Review Lottery
    20.10.2015 Lukas Langhammer 1 Mio Rp. in cash International Business Studies Network (IBSN) Link
    26.06.2015 Tanja Bauer 100 EUR in cash Bagus Jaya Residence Link
    22.04.2015 Luisa Marie 1 Speedboat Ticket Study in Bali
    22.04.2015 Manuel Schuler 1 Speedboat Ticket Study in Bali
    24.12.2014 Tom Relou 100 EUR in cash Bagus Jaya Residence Link


    Date Recipient Amount More infos
    21. Juli 2015 Brownie (Street Dog) 5.500.000 Rp. Rehabilitation 6 weeks @ Canggu Pet Resort
    06. Juli 2015 Brownie (Street Dog) 7.876.000 Rp. Hip operation
    07. Juni 2015 Brownie (Street Dog) 581.000 Rp. Checkup
    Dezember 2014 BARC, Ubud 1.700.000 Rp. Donation after free sterilisation of Bobby (Street Dog)
    Total: 15.657.000 Rp.