Volcano Agung Trekking

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    4.7 stars
    6 reviews

    Provider: Local guides
    Publish Rate: 875.000 Rp.
    Our Rate: 471.428 Rp.
    Saving: 50%

    Short Trek (Approximately 10 hours) Short Trekking starts at Pasar Agung starting point. The trekking in total takes at least 10 hours: 4 hours to go up, 2 hours at the summit and 4 hours to go down. This counts for people with experience. For beginners, it usually takes at least 2 hours longer for up and additional 2 hours to go down. It is important to be ready with necessary equipment. The right jacket will protect you from the cold.

    Pick up is at 10.00 pm at your accommodation. The way to go to the starting point of Pasar Agung from Seminyak/Kerobokan takes about 2.5 - 3 hours, passing through empty streets in the night . There are 2 ways, passing Sayan Ubud or Tegallalang Ubud, depending on the situation. The way to back to Seminyak/Kerobokan the day after takes 3 -4 hours. Approximately, you will be back in Seminyak/Kerobokan at 3 pm the day after.

    Long Trek (16 - 18 hours) Long Trekking starts at Besakih mother temple. The length of long trekking is 16 hours in total: 7 hours to go up, 2 hours rest on the summit and 7 hours to go back down. This counts for people who have experience. For beginners, it is recommended to take the short trekking. However, we welcome you to try, our professional guide will gladly assist you. Be ready with the right trekking shoes, you will pass a lot of narrow tracks which require good quality soles.

    What is the advantage of choosing The Long Trek? You will see a lot more and experience a lot more too.

    Pick up at 7.00 pm at your accommodation in Seminyak/Kerobokan. The way to go to the start point of Besakih Mother Temple takes about 2.5 - 3 hours. And the way back takes 3 - 4 hours, the streets during the day are always busy.


    What's included?

    • Pick-up & drop-off at your accommodation
    • Car with AC
    • Guide
    • Flashlight
    • Entrance fee

    Payment options

    PayPalMit Visa-KarteMaster Card

    • For cash payments please contact us in advance

    What to bring?

    • Camera
    • Solid shoes
    • T-Shirt (to change to after sweating)
    • Jacket / rain jacket
    • Warm clothes (it is cold at the peak)
    • Drinking water (min. 2 litres)
    • Chocolate (short-term energy)
    • Food such as bread (long-term energy)
    • Gloves
    • Torch (tip: if you don't have a torch just install a torch app on your smartphone)
    • Ambition
    • Good level of physical fitness
    • Cash to tip the guide(s)

    Terms and Conditions

    • Cancellation by yourself with full cost reimbursement until 24 hours before departure.
    • The provider reserves the right at any time to cancel the trip or change facilities or services due to the weather circumstances, government policy or other safety reasons. Please give us your phone number so we can give you feedback as soon as possible.
    • The client must have a suitable travel insurance in order to take part in this trip. The provider does not provide any insurance.
    • Entrance fee can be changed without any prior notice due to the government policy.


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    Absolute madness: We were a group of 5 people and we had 2 guides who were very helpful, friendly, motivating and efficient! It was very tiring but definitely worth it. The view is breathtaking! You have to bring a change of clothes with you and preferably a raincoat made out of plastic (a disposable one). Even if it's not raining, you will be so sweaty by the time you reach the peak that it will keep the wind out and save you from freezing ;)
    The experience was amazing: With a group of 12 people we went to the Agung. The communucation for the booking was good (via whatsapp). We would get picked up at 10-11pm and at 10:10pm the driver was at our house in Denpasar with a large car. We drove to the Agung and after 15 minutes our friendly and helpful guides came to us and we started climbing the Agung. 2 people of our group couldn't make it to the top, so the guide stayed with them at the middle of the Agung and made a fire. The rest of us made it to the top with 2 other helpful guides and we had an amazing view. (we could see the Batur, Rinjani and the sunrise). Afterwards we climbed down the Agung and the driver drove us back home. Thank you a lot for this amazing experience!
    A great trip: Last september I climbed Mount Agung with 6 friends. The transport went as usual, we had to wait for the driver for 1 hour. The drive was great and the driver Frankie very nice. He asked if we wanted to listen to traditional Balinese music - so Bon Jovi was blasting from the stereos for the next 90 minutes. The guides that we met were well-equipped and make the hike several times a week, so we knew what we signed up for. About the climb. We were equipped really bad (sneakers, shorts and tanktops), so we got head masks and started climbing. We took a break every hour, which was really needed, and stuffed ourselves with the snacks and soft drinks we had brought with us. The steeper or more strenuous the climb, the longer and more numerous the breaks became. The guides were very entertaining, giving us funny health advice. At 2400m we were getting a little tired (at about 4.30am) but knowing that the clouds were already below us was very motivating. Further up it was really cold, so the guides lit up a small fire and distributed Bali coffee and snacks. At 5.50am we finally reached the top at the right time with the entire team, and we were deeply impressed with the view that opened before our eyes, because none of us had ever climbed a mountain. The weather was perfect, and hence it was a fantastic panorama. After we had absorbed the view for an hour (and taken hundreds of photos) we made our way back down, which some of us had pictured as being a lot easier. Do it, it's incredible, I would do it again, too! Good luck
    Recommendation!: Punctual driver, good guides, The ascent is totally feasible and you'll get rewarded with a extraordinarily stunning view! Unfortunately, as time passed, the view was getting worse as the fog was getting thicker. Negative: Our driver ran over a dog on the way back but I don't believe this is a standard part of the hiking trip. All in all a must-do if you're in Bali.
    Agung trekking in the dark: The driver was very nice and almost on time. The AC in the car was very cold but you just have to ask the driver to turn it off. We started at 8.15 pm in Tanjung Benoa and arrived at 11 pm at the bottom of the mountain where the driver politely told us to take a nap. Which is impossible of course when you are that excited. The guide arrived ahead of time so we started earlier. Ketut is a very nice, polite and cheerful person. We were very well-equipped ourselves but nevertheless Ketut brought hiking sticks for us. Since he is a very athletic young man, he set a very fast pace right from the beginning. It was too fast fast for me but my boyfriend managed to keep up. When I was finally able to find the right walking speed for me on this very steep, dark and slippery jungle trail (your head lamp just provides you with a 2 meter field of view), also because the guide was adjusting to my pace, I realised that my boyfriend didnt do so well. The fast ascent at the beginning (well, he wanted to show that he is able to keep up with the guide) did not do him any good. Because we just had one guide and it would have been to dangerous for him to descend alone, I decided that we quit all together (guide, boyfriend, me). The descent is at least as strenuous as the climb , it just goes faster. The driver was there, he just had fallen asleep. We had to wake him up, but a tip made him happy. Conclusion - staff was very nice and pleasant. The trip is very tough but still doable for non-professional climbers. I would've preferred more daylight, even with the heat as during the dark hours you don't get to see the beautiful views. We didn't go all the way to the top: I asked one day before if we will and I was told yes. After 15 minutes walking the guide told us that we cannot as there is a hindu ceremony taking place at the top. We should've been notified of this beforehand.
    Extreme experience: Climbing Mount Agung was one of the most extreme things I've ever done - in any case it was an experience and the guide was great. But apparently we didn't have enough guides with us: One girl from our group could not go on anymore and needed a break. The guide just went on with the faster part of our group and we stayed behind for a few minutes. After that we were not able to catch up anymore and had to find the way by ourselves which led to us enjoying the sunrise a few hundred meters away from the summit.


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