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    10 reviews

    Provider: Tuti & Made Wana
    Our price: 700.000 Rp.

    Our recommended scooter renters are often sold out before the semester starts. Please place your reservation in time.

    The easiest way to get from one place to another in Bali is by scooter. Find direct contacts of scooter renters below. They have been delivering scooters at fair rates to students for many years. Just contact them directly by WhatsApp or Facebook or fill in the booking form below.

    Our recommended Scooter Renters

    Market prices for motorbike rental Bali 2017


    • daily: 50.000 Rp. - 60.000 Rp.
    • monthly: 600.000 Rp. - 700.000 Rp.


    • daily: 70.000 Rp. - 80.000 Rp.
    • monthly: 700.000 Rp. - 800.000 Rp.

    150cc KLX motorcross

    • daily: 100.000 Rp. - 150.000 Rp.
    • monthly: 1.500.000 Rp. - 1.800.000 Rp.

    Scooter rental from Made

    The price for scooter rental: 700.000 Rp./month.

    If you are looking for a reliable scooter rental guy with 20 years of experience then you just found him. Made Jaya already rented scooters to students when the first exchange program started in 1998. He is the only person we know in Bali who is doing scooter rental as his sole business. Most people do this as a side job but scooter rental is Made's only job!

    Short summary:

    • Free delivery and pick-up of the scooter. You choose the time. (Surcharge applies for some areas e.g Jimbaran)
    • Insurance (250 USD personal contribution)
    • Friendly and reliable service
    • Monthly payment

    Payment options

    Cash payment


    Made - best man: I got my scooter from Made. He was super-loving, reliable and immediately enlightened us about the traffic, scooter and Bali. We talked for quiet a long time and were well informed afterward. If you have any problems you can write him directly via WhatsApp. Sometimes there are some language problems but you will work it out quick. My scooter works perfectly.
    Made's scooter: Made is a super nice guy, always reliable and takes care of every concern. He brought the scooter to my hotel and even brought a second helmet for my girlfriend. The scooter is as good as new and everything works fine. For all of that the price is more than fair!
    Next time again: Super nice! The scooter was great, never had any problems. My buddy had problems once but Made took care of the situation and brought him a new one the next day. Very good price compared to other renters. I will definitely save his number! Highly recommended.
    Totally satisfied: I rented a scooter from Made for a total of 5 months and there's nothing bad to say! I had no previous experience of driving a scooter but after his briefing I had no problems. If I had any questions or requests he was straight away there to help me (getting a surf rack installed was easy and fast). Made is super nice, helpful, trustworthy and there whenever you need him. His scooters are insured, and he also speaks good english so you never need to worry if there's an emergency. I should tell you though that fixing a flat tire is not something Made will pay for. A flat tire can happen anywhere even with the best scooters, but a repair shop can be easily found on the side of a street (and fixing costs only around 3 euros). That is easily taken care by oneself, just let Made have a rest ;) I can highly recommend Made! You can trust him.
    Made is super!: Made is a great guy. The handling was always uncomplicated.
    Poor service: When you make the booking online, you have to confirm your request without knowing exactly how much you will have to pay and for how long you will have the scooter.

    Then, you need to use WhatsApp to get details from the provider. But, this is something you could do by yourself since the beginning. So, why use the website at first? The website is useless. People working for the website and sending you emails are useless. They don't help you at all and you have to do everything by yourself and clarify everything with the provider (Price, helmets, delivery, date, duration, etc). So, using the website is just a loss of time.

    Moreover, I made a booking online at 1pm for a delivery at 5.30 PM. I waited the whole afternoon at my place and they finally answered me by email at 7pm to tell me to contact the provider myself. So, thanks for the help...

    After I contacted the provider, he answered at 11.30pm. He did not say hello or anything but just said "I need money". Thanks again but I am your client, not your dog. He did not give confirmation for the helmets, the insistance, the kind of scooter, etc. Nothing. He asked to meet him at 1km from my place. Why not come to my place if this a delivery service? Then, when I refuse (because all that is wrong, because the man is not polite and because he is asking more money than what was expected), he sends me many messages and explains that he doesn't know my adress. That's weird because it's on Google Maps and because every restaurant knows it when I need a delivery. Plus, the man says it's a 70km trip for him. So.... he knows my adress, right? If not, why would he propose at first that we meet at 1km from my place? Well, all this us full of lies. You treat people and tourists like they are fools. Very bad business. It's easy to find a scooter without using your so-called service. Easy to get a better price and a conditions. So, so long guys...
    Easy: The scooter rental guy had very affordable prices and was very flexible if there were ever any problems. I paid 550k a month, which is the average price.
    Would happily do it again: The scooter was not necessarily the newest but it was working. Made is super nice and helpful if there are any problems.
    Everything was great!: I rented a scooter from Made for 4 months and was totally satisfied. He is very nice and usually easy to reach in case of problems. Highly recommended!
    Mixed: Some of us had no problems, but mine stupidly had no plates and I changed the renter. The bike I got from the new rent guy wasn't in as good a condition as the one I had from Made though.


    Why book here?


    Best price without bargaining. Despite high discounts you don’t need to compromise on service.


    Support by email, chat, WhatsApp and phone. Very customer friendly refunding policy in case of cancellation.


    More than 5 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers that left hundreds of verified reviews.


    Handpicked providers with long-standing partnership makes sure that everything runs smoothly.