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    4.9 stars
    35 reviews

    Provider: Bali River Rafting
    Publish Rate: 75,00 $
    Our Rate: 275.000 Rp.
    Saving: 70%

    In Bali there are two different rivers for rafting. We offer rafting only at Telaga Waja River, because it has many currents and therefore is more fun compared to Ayung river rafting. At the end of the ride you even get to jump down a waterfall of 4 meters with the boat. The guide will give you the necessary instructions, no worries.

    Schedule First you get picked up from your accommodation and the driver takes you directly to Telaga Waja River where the rafting can begin. You can have a complimentary cup of coffee or tea and a little snack before you start. After the helmets and lifejackets are distributed, your guide will give you a short instruction and then you’re ready! The rafting tour starts in a small river which flows into the actual Telaga Waja River. You will pass the nearly unspoiled jungle, the Bankun Munchan village and a lot of natural waterfalls. The guide will give you the opportunity to stop to take some photos or to swim in the crystal clear water. Sometimes you have to watch your head because lianes might be hanging down, or the group has to jump inside of the boat because it’s pinned between the rocks. The rafting tour lasts about 2,5 hours. At the end you will jump down a waterfall of 4 meters high. At this point your adrenalin will reach its peak. After that the rafting is finished. You can shower in one of the facilities and enjoy your complimentary lunch.

    Pick up time

    Area Pick up time Surcharge for pick up
    Nusa Dua 7.30~7.45 am -
    Jimbaran 7.45 ~ 8.00 am -
    Canggu 7.30 ~ 7.45 am (Jl. Batubolong): 25.000 Rp.
    Sanur 8.30 ~ 8.45 am -
    Ubud 9.00 ~ 9.25 am -
    Uluwatu 7.45 - 8.15 am 25.000 Rp.
    Area Pick up time Surcharge for pick up
    Candidasa 9.00 ~ 9.25 am -
    Kuta 8.00 ~ 8.15 am -
    Kerobokan 8.00 ~ 8.15 am -
    Seminyak 8.00 ~ 8.15 am -
    Umalas 8.00 ~ 8.15 am -
    Pecatu 7.45 - 8.15 am 25.000 Rp.


    Publish price Our price Saving
    75,00 $/person 275.000 Rp./person 70%

    What’s included in the price?

    • Pick-up and Drop-off from your hotel/accommodation in Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran, Umalas, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Denpasar, Canggu (Jalan Pantai Berawa), Ubud, Sanur. For other regions please enquire.
    • Welcome Drink (Coffee, Tea)
    • Shower/Towels
    • Buffet lunch
    • Insurance

    Payment options

    PayPalMit Visa-KarteMaster Card

    • For cash payments please contact us in advance, you have the option to pay cash in IDR in our office
    • PayPal charges a high administration fee and has a low currency exchange, if you'd like to pay with a better rate, you may also choose payment by bank transfer into our EUR account

    Tips You can bring your camera and mobile phone with you, they will be held safe in a waterproof bag. If you already have a water-resistant camera, a GoPro for example, you can fix it on your helmet. But please watch your head with hanging lianes! Also pay attention to your sandals, it's best to give them to your guide at the beginning of the rafting. The Rafting provider offers to take some professional pictures of your group. Particularly when you’re jumping down the waterfall. The price is 350.000 Rp. per CD. You can share the price with your group if you wish to buy the CD. During the rafting you can take a break along the riverside. There are cool drinks being sold, bear in mind these are not included in your rafting fee.


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    Super adventure: We can recommend the rafting tour for 100% - even my 15 years old teenager son is very enthusiastic! The pickup worked great and after a trip of approximately one hour (from Ubud) we were given a brief introduction and coffee and tea at the starting point. The guides are very experienced and explain everything well, you really feel taken care of. The 2,5 hours passed by really fast, the highlight (besides the incredibly beautiful nature!) was the waterfall in the end. Pure adrenaline!
    Great price, nice guides!: Our driver already came at 8.40, instead of the agreed time (9:00 to 9:45). We still had breakfast! 😄 But he was nice and waited for us :)

    We were the only (5 people) and everything was great organised and the food at the end was absolutely delicious! Recommendation!!!
    What a cool day!: I've already travelled to a lot of tropical countries - but the Rafting was still able to amaze me! 2 1/2 hours through a beautiful landscape with rainforest, rice terraces and many waterfalls. The currents were not too strong and the guide really skilled, so that the ride didn't require a lot of skills. Everything was very well organized as well. Terima kasih!
    Awesome experience: Organisation and pick up ran faultlessly. Our guide was super friendly and extremely funny. The rafting itself was great fun. However we had hoped for more speed and action. Nevertheless, all in all everything went good. Keep it up!!!
    A great day!: The booking vas very uncomplicated. We were picked up punctually. Unfortunately we were the only ones on the "morning trip", we would've liked to get to know a few others as well - so we're encouraging others to book!! ;) The morning snack was somehow forgotten, but as we had had a good breakfast, it wasn't too bad. The rafting was great, and our instructor Adi was a nice and professional guy. The food afterwards was very delicious AND filling. The views were breathtaking. It's worth it! One of the best days of our trip.
    Great rafting: Shuttle very well organized, nice and friendly guides, safety precautions with helmet and vest (both in case we get overturned), very beautiful scenery, a must-do!
    Great fun, highly recommended!: I booked the rafting trip a few weeks ago through study-in-bali.com. The tour was highly recommended by a friend who did an exchange semester in Bali. The trip was truly worth it and an absolute must for anyone coming to Bali. The pick-up and drop-off at the hotel were uncomplicated, the guides experienced and friendly and the rafting is great fun! Would do it again anytime!
    Rafting was super awesome!: Perfect planning, everything worked out great! I can only recommend! Also the guide there was super, 5/5 stars!
    The best adventure ever!: We did the tour in July 2015 and were very impressed. Everything is taken care of. We were picked up on time, and could even make the trip with our friends who came from Kuta (we came from Sanur). The guides are great, during lunch they stayed back so we could eat in peace. The showers were great, we even got fresh towels. Also recommended is the photo CD. The photographer paddled always in front of us with a canoe and took some great photos. The price of the CD is negotiable and they also do group discounts ;-) What is also a great advantage, is the online booking (PayPal is quite an awesome thing)!! It has simple and straightforward functions. For an absolutely unbeatable price we had a great day with lots of action and fun! Recommended!!!
    Superb experience: Our group of 12 made the rafting trip at the end of 2014 and it was a lot of fun. Everything was well organized. There is always 1 guide per boat. Everyone was super friendly and cheerful. We were picked up on time and dropped off back to our villa. You get equipment and food on site. In addition to lots of action you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.
    Great: Great price-performance ratio. Compared to other providers, the rafting tour is also longer. Pick-up went smoothly. The only complaint: No vegetarian food except for watermelon. As the whole trip takes many hours, it's best to bring some food with you. Since this review is about the rafting and not the food, I'll still give 5 stars
    Amazing trip!: Beautiful nature, great adventure and fun people! Highly recommended :)
    Amazing experience - so much fun!: I did the rafting together with 7 other friends. We were picked up on time and by a friendly bus driver. We could leave are valuable staff within the car during rafting. The rafting tour itself took around 2-2,5 hours and was so great! It was so much fun. We were split up in two "boats" but still the guides took care that we were close by each other. The guides were super friendly and funny. The lunchbuffet afterwards was super delicious, including soup, main course and desert (fruits). I can highly recommend that. The nature you can see during the rafting is amazing, we even stopped at a waterfall.
    Loads of fun: It was my second time rafting in Bali and again a lot of fun! Go for it :)
    Good FUN and beautiful scenery!: Three friends and I went for the rafting this weekend. The experience was great! It is great fun, seriously! No experience is required and there is no sensation of risk at any time.

    Moreover, during the 2:30 that the trip lasts the river runs through amazing scenery. It is a great way to see the forests in Bali.

    The organization is very good. Pick-up at your place, they take care of your belongings, water-proof bags to keep the cameras to be able to take pics during the stops on the way. And, very important, shower, towel and foooood at the end of the trip.

    Altogether a great thing to do! I recommend 100% :)
    FUN FUN FUN: One of the best things I have done while in Bali. It was so much fun!

    The rafting trip lasted for about 2,5 hours. We stopped at a waterfall and had so much fun racing with the other boats. Great trip and even greater people! Would def. do it again!
    Very good experience: Hi!

    The experience was very good trough out. From the beginnin the trip was well organized. Driver did show up right in time just where we had booked, and the car was allso nice.

    When we got to the rafting place all the staff was really kind and helpfull and the communication was good. We even got some coffee/tee before the adventure.

    Rafting it self was really good! The guide was obliesly very experienced, he told us very well what to do on the "boat" with good english. The drive was awesome, we didn't got stuck allmost at all. It was much more fluent that many others from different conpabies. The guide led us to beautifull waterfall and offered to take pictures of us. Guide made us feel really safe and we really enjoyed our time.

    At the end we had shower with towels provided and had really good buffet lunch with indonesian food! And we allso got certificates from out experience. And got to mention, that we allso filled the form for insurance. I would highly recommend!
    Amazing adventure: I was this weekend there and it was really an amazing adventure. The rafting was about 2,5 h, the river was clear, sometimes smooth, sometimes wild and we saw a lot of natural waterfalls in the jungle. I really can recommend it!
    It was fun!: The rafting tour was definitely fun. It was 16km down the river with some currents and a jump from a 4-meters high waterfall. The only shortcoming, and why it doesn’t deserve 5 points, is that the description about rafting on this website is not 100% correct. You would never have the opportunity to swim in the clear water for a short time. Also the waterfall where you can take pictures is not as gigantic as shown. But all in all it was a successful trip! Can recommend to others.
    Awesome action!: The ride is great, maybe the raft could go off a little bit more but I guess that's a matter of taste :) Except for worthless but expensive slippers you had to buy before getting on the raft, there are no hidden costs. Shuttle service was ok. Sympathetic Indonesian skipper.
    Fun day!: We had a blast! Service was good and booking easy through study-in-bali. You can use your own camera or get photos taken by the provider. 16km route provided lots of excitement and nice scenery to Bali's country side. Would recommend!
    Great experience for an unbeatable price: Although we are not students, we could still enjoy the good price of Study in Bali. We booked on Saturday night for Monday morning, paid by PayPal and received the confirmation on Sunday. The driver picked us up in time from our hotel in Sanur. The journey took then about 1.5 hours. On the way, the driver offered to stop sometimes to take pictures of the view when it was worth it. When we arrived at the place, there was still time to go to the toilet and we also got the equipment right away. Then we went straight to the boats and one of the guides gave us some instructions. It was no problem that I brought my GoPro camera. The rafting itself consisted more of floating through the hustle and bustle than paddling itself. Unfortunately, the water level was very low and we hit the bottom a few times. We capsized once, but the guide took good care immediately. On the way we made a quick break at a waterfall. After about 2 hours of rafting we arrived at the finish, where our backpacks and showers were waiting. Afterwards there was a big lunch buffet and from there we went back to the hotel.

    P.S. Flipflops are not recommended. They can be lost easily and offer hardly any support on the unstable subsoils, it’s better to wear bathing shoes.
    Unique experience: We enjoyed the trip very much. Our driver picked us up in time from our accommodation and after a pretty long drive we arrived at the place. We immediately got offered drinks and then the rafting already started. Our guide explained the most important commands. The approximately 15km went by pretty fast, it was a lot of fun and you could enjoy the beautiful nature on the way. The guide was always looking after us and made sure it was never dangerous. In the end there was lunch. We loved it and can definitely recommend it.
    Experienced guide, super friendly, top!: Everything worked out very well from the beginning. The pick-up was more than punctual and the guide welcomed us nicely. A general comment: the descent to the boat and climbing up after is not doable for people with foot injuries.

    The boat was ready to go and the ride started. More than 10 km or 2 hours of fun, with a short break. Even though we were a very small group that day, it was really nice and everyone was in a good mood. The food was good and varied. 3 times recommended!

    And don’t be scared, it is not dangerous. It’s just a little adventure.
    Great experience: I would recommend this trip to anyone, even to people who have never done rafting before (like us). It was quite funny, but also full of action. Together with that, you can also enjoy the landscape. The staff was very friendly as well, so thumbs and hands up!
    Nasi goreng united: Well organized, good buffet, very funny guide who also had a few beers with us ;) It was a great experience.
    Beginner friendly route with beautiful views: There were over 50 of us in the group but everything was organised well and quickly. I had never done rafting before but the trip went well with a proper amount of exitement. The nature was ashtonishing and if you want you can get good quality pictures taken of you while rafting. I think that the price/value range was very good since we got the rafting, lunch and transportation with 240k.
    Great fun factor: It was a lot of fun. Everything worked out very well and the price was good. The duration of the rafting is about 2.5 hours and the transfer from Ubud was about 1.5 hours.
    A highlight in Bali: Organisation was perfect! Pickup, tour, breaks, food – everything great! The tour is simply beautiful –you get a real sense of pleasure! To experience the beauty of nature that closely with a hint of adrenalin – incomparable! Would do it again and again!
    One of the best trips: The staff was super nice and on time for pick-up. After a short briefing off we went (mobile phones can easily be taken with). The nature is simply fantastic and the river very clear. Many rapids and rocks kept up the adrenaline level, which reached its peak at the 4m jump. The final meal was also very delicious and the possibility to take a shower was great.
    An interesting adventure trip: You cannot get this price anywhere else! The pick-up worked great. Rafting was fun. The view while having lunch was amazing! Recommended!
    Absolutely recommended!: I've been to Bali twice. Both times I did the rafting trip and both times it was one of the best experiences during my holiday. The pick-up works great, the food tastes very good and in between the two you ride an hour through the jungle. Awesome!
    Do it! :): I did the rafting trip this year in the summer semester and can agree with the other reviews. For the money you pay you get transport, equipment, adventurous rafting experience and subsequent meal...not to forget the fun of course ;) In my opinion, a recommendable experience!
    A fun river ride…: We had a fun rafting tour with a very friendly guide (unfortunately his English was not good, but he always tried anyway) and good organization! We did not make a stop for swimming, but stopped at a waterfall. We took our valuable belongings with us in a secure bag and our other belongings were taken to the final point by the driver. Fresh towels were provided at the showers, which were a bit too dirty for us but still a good place to get changed. Unfortunately, there was poor communication between the driver and the agency. He was 45 minutes too early at our accommodation, but still patiently waited for us. Overall, a very well organized and recommended tour!
    An awesome experience: Overall a really nice day where you get to have a lot of fun, get to know people, and all of it for a very fair price including everything (pick-up, rafting, food). Even if you forgot sandals/shorts, you can rent or buy them on site.


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