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    Full time jobs


    Our company offers internship positions two times a year in our main office in Seminyak, Bali. The duration of the internship is 6 months. The exact starting date can be individually harmonised between us and the intern in order to fit the curriculum of the home university.

    What our interns say about us

    Back to Bali: During my semester abroad in Spring 2015 I got to know the team from At that time, they helped me and my friends just before the beginning of the semester, to find our great villa. After leaving Bali in August 2015 it was clear - I have to go back! Thanks to Duha's advice, I quickly applied through the website and met with Chris. The internship at Bali-Link was a great decision. I had the opportunity to visit the various accommodations with Wida and the students and together with the interns for video production we have tested awesome activities. In the area of ​​online marketing, I was still pretty new, but with the help of my colleagues, I quickly got an insight and could always contribute, especially in design decisions. I was quickly trusted and I was free in my work with students and new ideas for the web presentation. Overall, I have learned a lot in the past 6 months and would always come back :-)
    Hard to beat!: You want to experience something new and push your career at the same time? You want to break out of the conformism that infiltrates our daily life? You long for a varied and adventurous work environment on a warm tropical island? Then you are absolutely right here! If you’re lucky to work as an intern at Bali-Link you will be aware from the very first meeting with Chris and Amalia, the two founders of the company, that you’re in very good hands. Right from the start I felt like a full team member and was involved in the important decision-making processes of the company immediately. The atmosphere is always relaxed and you earn complete trust in your distribution of work. I very much appreciated the wide range of projects I was offered as a web developer. The location and equipment of the office are hard to beat as well! Highly recommended is by the way warung “Beji”, which is located right around the corner and offers you fine dining for an unbeatable price between your hours of work.

    All in all a very revealing and unique experience!
    Coming to do my internship in Bali was a coincidence, but a lucky one: I was already in Bali doing my internship at a company I wasn't happy with. At the same time Chris was looking for a successor for his current intern. Since i had already found my room through SIB, and knew the people and their services, one thing led to another and eventually I found myself working at their office. From the first day I didn't feel just an intern but instead a full member of the team. Right from the start I was entrusted with responsibilities. Altough my main focus was on marketing and social media, I could actually say that I did my internship in Office management. I didn't just look after the online community, answer questions or create a social media plan, I also supported the office in everyday business. I took students to villa viewings, photographed accommodation options and translated our Bali guide and newsletter. During my internship even the website design was changing from day to day and my opinion was always asked and valued. I always felt that I was cared for. A huge advantage of the internship is that you get to meet and know so many students studying in Bali, that it's easy to make new friends. The highlight of my internship was getting to test new providers. I got to test a new rafting provider (It's so much fun, a must-try!) and do a Komodo sailing trip (Great...if you don't get seasick). The team atmosphere is great and you'll feel welcome straight away. Chris is not just a boss, but also a friend. I felt always appreciated and allowed flexibility with working hours (I was able to work on weekends if I needed to catch up), which is very nice in Bali where there's always something happening somewhere. I was also allowed to vary my tasks so I didn't get bored. I wish it was like that in every job! Since I have dealt with Study in Bali as both a customer and an employee, I can honestly say that they really look after people. I had a great time, which both brought me forward professionally and was extremely fun. I can say that I will not just miss my time in Bali but also the time as intern at Bali Link!
    Working and the real life in Bali - just awesome!: After my way too short semester abroad in Bali, I felt the urgent need to go back to Bali and get to know the rest of this magical island and the inhabitants, the internship at Chris and Amalia was the perfect solution to combain work and the real Bali life. I was able to test different new activities and get in contact with a lot of different people during the internship. Even though I was not an expert in social media and marketing as an architecture student, , it was a tremendous asset for me. I have always had the feeling that my opinion was very welcomed and my own ideas were very much appreciated and implemented, I rarely had an internship where you are entrusted with so much responsibility. I like to think back to this time and I would like to thank Amalia and Chris for their personal support and the friendly relationship. Conclusion: An internship at Bali-Link is an incredibly great experience which I can only recommend to anyone!
    Internship at Bali-Link: I did my semester abroad in Bali in the summer semester 2015 and got to know study-in-bali-com. Back in Germany not yet for two weeks I saw the internship offer from Chris and didn't hesitate long to apply - I definitely didn't regret it!! Offered was the internship in online marketing, but that doesn't mean that you're sitting in front of your computer all day silently. In addition to a great time, that helps you to improve your Indonesian knowledge a bit, there are more than enough opportunities to explore some parts of Bali you don't get to know while being just a ""simple"" student, during some photo shoots and villa showings! Who thinks you just have to cook coffee as an intern is definitely wrong in this case. Right from the start I was treated as a full member of the team and was well looked after by Amalia, Chris and Wida. Also regarding the food ;-) In addition to creating an email newsletter and various translation tasks I was also allowed to give Chris suggestions about how to redesign the website - so definitely never got bored!

    Thanks for the great time and the many experiences that I gained during my internship! Gladly again :-)